oia_2009_july09_lrg1Homo being linked to science (biology) is referring to both sexes being either male or female or human beings in general. Homosexuality then is the sexual intercourse between same sexes. The coming together of males in sexual intercourse is referred to as gays whiles the sexual intercourse between women or females is lesbianism.

This act (homosexuality) has been a common practice in today’s world for some time now. However, most society in Africa (Ghana) and some part of the world frowns on it.

With the news of the president of Ghana being alleged to have a link with a gay activist making the air waves of Ghanaian media brings back the issue of celebrities being linked to homosexuality. The president of Ghana being one of the topmost celebrity in Ghana and the world as a whole brings back the analysis on this issue.

After he has come out through his communication minister to deny the allegation, condemn and criminalize the act, other celebs like Chris Attoh have also been alleged as being gays. He denied being gay on platforms like GLO’s Big Friday Show and also The One show on Viasat 1. Nigerians own Uti Nwachukwu a model and media personality was also alleged to be gay. One does not expect these celebs to admit their sexual status if they are real gays, especially in Africa.

Also some celebs outside Africa such as Trey Songz and Joe Simpson have also battled some gay allegations. Celebrities like Brandy Copper, Ezra Miller, Dave Franco, Lady Gaga and a whole lot more have admitted one way or the other of being homosexuals (

Now on all these allegations on celebs, one cannot just conclude that most of these stories are true about some of them being homosexuals unless one has enough evidence to support the allegations made. It may also be to defame or bring down the reputation of these honorable people in the society.

Story by: Issach Bibbah

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